RMDC provides services to Marathi as well as Non – Marathi users for translations, grammar checks and pronunciations of pure Marathi language.

YES. There is a limit of 2000 words for all services, but users can provide breakups of same media if the count is greater than 2000 words.

YES. provides translations and transliteration services for any media in Hindi or English for up to 2000 words each.

Hindi & English language contents can be translated in authentic & pure Marathi language. If the content is in Marathi, it can be verified, corrected & validated in authentic Marathi language.

NO. In this modern era, there are no alternate words for all the English words. Such words, cannot be translated into Marathi. ( For example, words like Email , Mobile Application , Dashboard , Audio Clip, File, Soft Copy etc ) As far as possible, tries to translate English words in correct Marathi language but if alternate Marathi words are not available, the same English word is written in Devanagari script. This is practical approach adopted by to focus on understanding of content in Marathi in right perspective.

NO. Pure & Authentic Marathi language is a matter of perception. Marathi is spoken in each region of Maharashtra State in a different manner. The words, construction of sentences, tone & pronunciation of Marathi language differs regionally. do respect all such type of regional languages. The Team of experts, as per their knowledge & experience will advise appropriate use of authentic Marathi language. Please refer to ‘disclaimer’ on this website for more clarification.

NO. The Audio Clip sent by is just to guide how the Marathi content is pronounced and users are not supposed to make public broadcast in any form directly.

Generally, depending on number of words & work load provides services in 3 to 10 days of timeline. If there is any urgency, please contact for checking possibility of urgent services.

NO. Please note, service charges are non-refundable. If due to some technical problems, if unable to provide services to the user in a given timelines, user will get full refund of amount paid for seeking services within 7 working days.

YES. reserves the right to reject services to the user despite the user has made the payment to the services. If the rejects to provide the services, the user will get full refund of amount paid for seeking services within 7 working days. Please note, reserves right to accept or reject service requests on the basis of nature of content for translation or proof reading if it is anti-national, provoking communal unrest or unethical / vulgar or in any other manner appears to be objectionable to the .