How It Works

Prerequisites: While availing any services for any document or input on users should follow the below basic steps –
a. Any input in text format may it be hand written or typed should be clearly legible and kept available in digital format or image ready condition.
b. Users should count any document submitted for grammar checks or translations beforehand.

Process: Once users visit the website it is recommended that they got through all available services on the dashboard so as to shortlist the correct service for their needs. Follow the below setups to successfully avail any service.
1. Choose the input format (Written / Audio)
2. Choose the topic / nature of the output document (Multiple options available)
3. Choose the word count limits.

Once the above selections are chosen correctly users will be able to get a cost estimate of the services. At this point users will be able to upload the necessary input media or click pictures of paper-based documents for upload.

After verification of the uploaded files users will be redirected to the payments page. Once the payment is completed users will receive a receipt/ invoice and they will be informed about the output document delivery date.

All inputs will be verified physically and if optimum users will receive the final requested document on or before the delivery date. Any input mediums that do not satisfy the above requirements will be rejected and users will have to re-upload or provide further justification as requested by the experts.