Realmarathi for whom

is for pure & authentic Marathi language support for various stake holders. will be helpful for ….

  • Ad agencies – for publishing advertisements using pure & authentic Marathi with correct grammar in various mediums.
  • Small / Large businesses – for creating Marathi content for pamphlets, brochures, social media posts, etc.
  • Users who wish to make announcements or notifications in Marathi.
  • Content for flex, banners, hoardings, signboards etc.
  • Invitations for events.
  • Social media posts for Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, twitter etc.
  • Content for publishing requests or notices in Marathi
  • Advice on correct Marathi pronunciations for speeches and recordings
  • Advice on correct usage of Marathi in print and digital media for users or companies
  • Authors, translators or publishers who need support in proof reading