We provide services to proliferate your English/Hindi content into authentic & grammatically correct SHUDDHA Marathi as per the recommendations of our experts.

YES. There is a limit of 2000 words for all services provided. Users can breakup and submit the same media if the count is greater than 2000 words.

Our experts usually deliver the content back in 3 working days. In exceptional cases, if we face any technical issues on our end, we do inform the customer/client accordingly.

Yes, we do provide both the services. We do audio translation for audio files, and we can also transliterate your written text into the Marathi Devanagari Script.

Our team of experts can translate any content from Hindi & English into SHUDDHA and authentic Marathi. If your content is already written in Marathi, we can verify, validate, and correct it wherever needed into authentic Marathi.

Absolutely not. We do understand that there will always be some words which cannot be converted or translated directly from English to Marathi (eg: Email, Mobile Application, Dashboard, Soft copy, etc.) We will try our best to convert the entire content into Marathi, but if it so happens that we cannot translate a word and there is no alternate word that we can use, we will write the same word in Devanagri Script. This is a practical approach that we have used so that your audience can understand the content in Marathi without misunderstanding the context of the original.

No, SHUDDHA Marathi is a matter of perspective. Marathi is spoken differently in different parts of Maharashtra. The words, sentence construction, tone & pronunciation differs regionally. We will try to keep the content grammatically correct and logically sound for the best possible results. Please refer to the disclaimer on our website for more information.

Unfortunately, that is not possible. The audio clip that we translate/ validate & send back cannot be used directly. The purpose of the clip is for helping the users/clients understand the correct use of words and their pronunciations. We recommend using it as a guide to learn how to properly pronounce the words and then use them to your discretion.

Depending on the number of words and if it is an audio or text file, our team of experts usually take between 1 to maximum 3 days to revert with your content. If you require the content urgently, please contact us directly via WhatsApp or email and we will try to come up with a solution for you.

Unfortunately, that is not possible. Once payment is made for our services, the charges are non-refundable. If due to any unforeseen circumstances we are not able to deliver services, then we will provide a full refund of the amount paid within 7 days.

Yes, we reserve the right to reject services if the nature of the content that is submitted for translation or proof reading is anti-national, something that provokes communal unrest or is unethical/vulgar or appears to be objectionable to our team of experts. If we decide to reject your content for either of these reasons, we will provide a full refund within 7 working days.