How It Works

We highly recommend that you go through all available services on the dashboard in order to shortlist the correct service you want.


While availing any service on our website, you need to follow some easy steps:

  • Any input in text format(hand written or typed)should be clearly legible and kept available in digital format for submission.
  • You need to be ready with the count of exact number of words of the content before submitting the document on our website( Text OR Audio )

Let's take a look at the steps given below in order to complete the upload process:

  • Choose the language that the document is written in.
  • Choose the input format(Text / Audio)
  • Choose the topic / subject matter of the content from the options available or select "other, if nothing is applicable (shown in the options )
  • Choose the exact word count the document fits in.

Next list of pointers to follow:

  • Based on the above steps, you will get a cost estimate of the chosen services.
  • After this, you will be able to upload the necessary input media or click pictures of paper-based documents in order to upload them.
  • The next step is verification of the uploaded files.
  • You will then be redirected to the payments page. Once the payment is complete, you will receive a receipt/ invoice for the same.
  • On completion of these steps, you will be informed about the document delivery date via email.

Once we receive all your documents/material, our team of experts will personally verify everything. If everything is as per the requirement, you will receive the final requested document on or before the delivery date.

In case your document/material does not meet the above-mentioned requirements or specifications, your file will be rejected and you will be prompted to re-upload or provide further information as suggested by our experts.


It Works Brilliantly

Upto 15 words,

Delivery within 3 days