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The editors, promoters and supporters of this website belong to families that have worked in and promoted Marathi literature since generations. With an intention to preserve and encourage Marathi language and dialect, especially dialect belonging to Pune, and with an experience of over 50 years of publishing Marathi magazines – Prapancha and Manini – was conceptualized.

brings to you expert and experienced advice and service for users who need to verify any Marathi write-ups with correct grammar, correct pronunciation of Marathi language, translations of write-ups or audios from English or Hindi to Marathi.

Translation services from Hindi or English to Marathi of unto 2000 words is available at reasonable rates to all Marathi as well as non – Marathi users. Charges are based on word count for all available services. provides free services for all registered users for up to 15 words. We accept inputs in digital documents as well as scanned copies of paper-based documents.

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